Kiwi Defi
Justswap lists KIWI DEFI (KWD)
NOW! You can trade KWD tokens on JustSwap! As Kiwi Defi roadmap, we just listed KWD token on JustSwap, total liquidity reaches $10,721 immediately. What an impressive number! Why do we can reach that? So far, the TRON community is very strong because of its belief in TRON's technology. At the same time, JustSwap is one of the trusted exchanges based on TRON protocol for exchanges between TRC20 tokens. JustSwap owns a community of over 15,000 active members and it also has a lot of Crypto experts in its team. Moreover, the number shows the community's concern Kiwi Defi project very much. We very much appreciate that.
So now, let's trade you KWD tokens on JustSwap:
Last modified 6mo ago
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